3D Wire Forming Machine


  • The machine is ready to form and bend wire automatically.
  • Wire from Ø=4mm to Ø=12mm
  • The machine has 4 axis, controlled by servo motor:
    • X-Axis: controls the length of the wire.
    • Y-Axis: controls the folding angle.
    • Z-Axis: controls the folding surface.
    • U-Axis:controls the level of the wire bending and the cutting tool.
  • The CNC control has an input and output port for unlimited program storage.
  • The folding tools have three levels of folding, with distinct radius
  • The machine includes three sets of cutting and folding tools, 4 to 5mm, 6 to 8mm and 10 to 12mm.
  • The traction is performed with a traction box, with 4 motorized rollers.
  • Lubrication is automatic.
  • The machine has an accessory to produce rings with a perfect 360-degree radius (optional)

Traveça da Bouça, Lomar, 4702-233 Braga, Portugal




+351 253 282 172
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