M Pro

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


"M PRO", MeasurePro - Máquinas Lda., was born in Braga to continue the project and manufacturing of custom-made special machines.

After a decade of INOVMAQ-Máquinas and the conclusion of a commercial partnership, managing partner Carlos Ferreira continued the manufacturing of machines by creating a new brand, "MPRO" MeasurePro - Máquinas Lda.

All projects from INOVMAQ transitioned to MPRO. As the legal holder of over 200 projects tailored to its clients, over the years it has gained the will and experience necessary to continue overcoming all present and future challenges.

MeasurePro Machines, Ltd., now located in Lomar, specializes in the manufacturing of automation systems and special-purpose machines. Over more than a decade, it has consolidated its experience in the art of designing, developing, and manufacturing machines, combining the latest technology with a young and dynamic team, enabling it to tackle the most demanding market challenges with excellence.

Armed with extensive experience and with the aim of creating original solutions, they explore current technologies, unleash creativity, and drive talent to help their clients conquer and become increasingly competitive in the market.

From day one, they face each project as a challenge, turning ideas into results. Everything seems impossible until someone does it. And M Pro does.


Traveça da Bouça, Lomar, 4702-233 Braga, Portugal



+351 253 282 172
(Call to the Portuguese landline network)