1D Wire Forming Machine


  • The machine is prepared to straighten and cut wire with diameters ranging from Ø=3mm to Ø=10mm.
  • The maximum length is unlimited.
  • The machine is fully automatic.
  • The traction is performed with a traction box, with 4 motorized rollers.
  • You can change the lengths of the wire through the console.
  • Wire length is controlled by numerical control.
  • Cutting tolerance is +/- 0.1mm.
  • The number of cuts for each series will be programmed.
  • Hydraulic cut.
  • All the movements are controlled by automaton.
  • Includes an instruction manual.

Traveça da Bouça, Lomar, 4702-233 Braga, Portugal




+351 253 282 172
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