Scissors Sharpening Machine


  • Two sharpening posts to sharp left and righ blade.
  • The machine is prepared to sharp many models.
  • The operator manually puts the scissors in the feeding post.
  • Automatic placement of the scissors to the sharpening posts, carried out by a robot.
  • Plate rotation in angle to optimize the contact between the sandpaper and the scissors.
  • The sandpaper introduction inside the scissor.
  • Sandpaper introduction is completely automatic.
  • Sandpaper detection to check if the sandpaper breaks.
  • Sanding motor controlled by variable speed drive.
  • Once the sanding process is finished, the sandpaper is removed from the inside of the scissors and placed in a container.
  • Average cycle time: 200 pieces per hour, i.e., 200 complete scissors.
  • To change the scissors reference it's necessary to change the scissors positioner and change the program. Operation with a maximum time of 5 minutes.
  • All the movements are controlled by automaton, with tactile console for parameterization and program selection.

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